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The Show Is On

We had a great opening.

Painting and Sculpture - a group show

curated by Filip Haag / RED HOUSE, 317 E 5th St., 10003 NYC

with music by Nicole and Toni

Opening days&hours: May 16-22th, 5-7pm, or by appointment / 347-7532-297

You are kindly invited to the Closing Reception May 22th 5-8pm

with a performance by Martina-Sofie Wildberger 7pm

artists: Alex Barry / Bruno Jakob / Chrissy Angliker / Germann Lorenzi / Dieter Kuhn / Filip Haag / Hans Witschi / Inga Häusermann / Max Yawney / Nao Matsumoto / Patrick Todd / Philip Ellis Foster / Tim Fite

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