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Strawberry Full Moon

I came from the long sunset on a Bushwick rooftop, having seen the sun going down under the other side of Manhattan, not having been able to take a focused and sharp picture of the Big Red Ball.

Then made a walk into a warm, warm night, and suddenly saw some people holding their smart phones towards the eastern sky in 13th street. Discovered a big ball in a warm yellow colour, and was again not able to focus and make a sharp picture. I had not even realized it was the longest day of the year, combined with Strawberry Full Moon. But it was.

These bodies in the sky wanted to disappear and appear and did not allow to fix them. The strawberry full moon became the unsharp part of a composition made of street lights and reflections and car lights.

On the 2nd picture you see the lights in the street - the big light is NOT the full moon, it is a lantern. I cut it off for the final version, so people don't mix anything up.

Wird das klar?

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